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Our Legacy

Bill Wolf and sons began operations in late 1951 as a drilling and pump service company near the center of Abernathy, TX. At that time, irrigation was fairly new to the West Texas area but rapidly gaining popularity. After several years, Mr. Wolf recognized the need to design, manufacture, and build a pump with higher efficiencies to better accommodate the ever-changing water table, various applications and harsh West Texas conditions. This was the start of the Wolf Pump line of submersible pumps.

Wolf and sons quickly out-grew their original location and moved the business to where it is located today. As Wolf Pump continues to grow and transition from a regional manufacturing and pump service company to an international manufacturing company featuring its own line of submersible pumps, it has become evident that they must once again expand their facilities to accommodate future growth in new markets.

In 2012, Wolf was purchased by Flint & Walling, a world-wide leader in the pump industry since 1866. Wolf currently offers a strong line of products ranging from 4” to 8” submersible pumps with the capability of testing up to 100 HP / 75 KW motors. With a national sales force in place, Wolf expects to expand its current product line to new markets, some of which will require line shaft turbines. As they grow in the future, Wolf will continue to maintain the high level of service they currently provide their customers, while increasing emphasis on quality control.