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Zoeller Company Names Bill Zoeller as Chief Executive Officer

LOUISVILLE, Ky., February 22, 2024 – Zoeller Company, manufacturer of world-class residential and commercial water pumps and accessories since 1939, announced today that Bill Zoeller will become CEO, effective May 1, 2024. Zoeller Company’s Board of Directors, with the support of executive search firm Kensington International, selected Bill, current Chief Operating Officer, to lead the company […]

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Ocean Exploration

Ocean Exploration Carthage, Tunisia Oceanographer Robert Ballard led the first expedition to discover a shipwreck below 200’ (60 m) in 1997. This journey uncovered several ancient Roman ships full of well-preserved artifacts dating back as far as 200 B.C. on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea in ancient Carthage. In order to clear the debris […]

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Ocean and rocks