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8" Bowl Series for 6" Motors

Submersible Pumps

8" Bowl Series for 6" Motors

Requires 9" minimum well size.  Capacities to 1,000 GPM.  For 6" motors.

Features and Benefits

Discharge adapter– Cast iron 4" female

Pump shaft – Chrome plated C-1045, or stainless steel
Machined, polished and straightened

Bushings –
Motor bracket – Bronze –
Intermediate bowl – Buna N rubber, or bronze

Intermediate bowl – Close grained cast iron
Baked on porcelain lining
Threaded connections
Reinforced flange

Impeller – Bronze, - stainless steel available in some models
Closed design available in a variety of capacities
Balanced to reduce vibration

Collet – 416 stainless steel
Split taper provides tight lock

Sand collar – Bronze
Restricts sand entry to motor bracket bushing

Motor bracket – Close grained cast iron
Closed design for added motor protection
Available for 6” (15 cm) and 8” (20 cm) standard NEMA motors

Upthrust bushing - Bronze
Restrains initial upthrust

Inlet screen – Stainless steel T304
Limits entry of large objects into pump

Motor coupling – 416 stainless steel
Provides non-corrosive connection between motor and pump shaft

Cable guard – Stainless steel
Provides motor lead protection

Product Specifications

Motor 7-1/2 - 60 HP
Hertz 60 Hz
Discharge Size 4"female or 6" female
Stages 1 - 6
Flow 1,000 GPM (3,785 LPM)
Impeller Type Enclosed
  • Cert 60Hz

Technical Data

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