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Freight and Shipping Policy

The term F.O.B. (Freight on Board) will mean the following for all orders shipped from the factory or the distribution centers:

F.O.B. Shipping Point - Without regard to who pays any freight charges, the risk of loss lies with the customer. Wolf Pump will always ship F.O.B. shipping point unless stipulated otherwise by the Customer Service Manager or National Sales Manager.

F.O.B. Destination - Without regard to who pays any freight charges, Wolf Pump assumes risk of loss until goods are delivered at the designated destination.

Note that payment of freight charges has been separated from the risk of loss. This is incumbent upon the purchasing party to make certain all shipments leaving the factory or the distribution center as “F.O.B. Shipping Point” are adequately insured, and that proper inspections, etc. are effected upon delivery of goods.

Payment of freight charges will fall into one of the following classifications depending upon circumstances regardless of the F.O.B. option specified:

Pre-paid (PPD) - Wolf Pump pays all freight charges for orders classified PPD. Examples are stock orders meeting the minimum qualifying amounts or special orders where Wolf Pump assumes payment responsibility.

Pre-paid and Added to Invoice (PPA) - Wolf Pump pays the freight charges upon shipment. However, the charges will be included on the invoice for the items shipped and the customer will then reimburse Wolf Pump.

Collect (COL) - Wolf Pump will not pay any freight charges for the shipment. The receiving party will pay the charges when the goods are delivered.


Prepaid shipments will be routed via contract carriers. Collect shipments will be routed via contract carriers unless otherwise specified by customer. Routing must be specified at time of order submission. Best service and volume discount will be obtained if the selection of carrier is left to Wolf Pump Distribution Services. Routing requests are also limited by the capabilities and limitations of the various modes of transportation. All transit times are approximations.


Common carriers are obligated to assume responsibility for goods they carry. The dollar limit varies by the carrier. For example: UPS orders greater than $100.00 are not covered (they are a small package carrier) unless we declare the value when shipping.

F.O.B. Origin (Common Carrier) - The common carrier assumes responsibility for the goods he transports and customers must recover damages from the carrier.


Wolf Pump’s responsibility on all surface and air freight shipments extends to actual shipping of the order. Tracing or follow up is the responsibility of the customer and the carrier. Nevertheless, you may always expect our full cooperation in helping to locate lost material. After allowing a reasonable amount of time for delivery, contact the Customer Service Department for tracing assistance.

Truck Shipment - Wolf Pump will provide you with the pro number, tracer number and details for the customer to trace the shipments through the carrier at the destination.

Air Freight and Air Express - Wolf Pump will provide the waybill number and details for tracing through the carrier at the destination.

UPS - Wolf Pump will initiate tracers through UPS. Tracers normally require thirty (30) days.